Types of Fish Cuts

Types of Fish Cuts

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Types of Fish Cuts

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! The majority of hotels, restaurants and other catering outlets will purchase fish which has been either partially or totally cleaned. Fish can be purchased whole – i.e. just scaled and gutted, or filleted and skinned.

Some consideration before you determine the menu needs of fish:

  • Is the main theme of the restaurant seafood or is fish just offered as an alternative to other meats?
  • Is the fish being served whole or cut into portions?

The menu needs will specify how you should prepare the fish in portions.

Portions may be either:

  1. Darne or cutlets
    Darne is a thick cut of a round fish. This cutting is usually used for fish steak, such as salmon steak or tuna steak.
  2. Supremes or portion of the fillet
    Supreme cut is well-known as the best cut of fish. A supreme is a boneless cut from a fillet or loin which is cut either as a block-cut or bias-cut.
  3. Fillet
    Fillet is one side of the fish where the backbone has been separated. Fillet is usually called the ‘top back loin’.
  4. Paupiette
    Paupiette is a thin fillet that is rolled. The fillet is usually rolled then stuffed with vegetables or fruits. Other version of paupiette is secured with a string after being rolled and stuffed, then paupiette is cooked in a stock.
  5. Delice
    Delice is a small fillet that is...
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