The Role of Tour Guide as a Mediator and Communicator

The Role of Tour Guide as a Mediator and Communicator

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The Role of Tour Guide as a Mediator and Communicator – Hello Ajarian! The job of tour guide is a complex and demanding one. Tour guides are often referred to as ‘the mortar that binds the tour together’. Being a tour guide also means that you are the mediator and communicator of the group.

Being a mediator is needed in order to:

  • Mediate problems and/or conflict within the group – or between individuals in the group
  • Mediate issues between the tour and the place where the tour is being conducted – which may relate to issues such as:
  • Timing of activities
  • Access to exhibits/areas
  • Duration of demonstrations
  • Movement of groups
  • Actions of individuals within the tour group.

Tourist Guides are often required to be the ‘social lubricant’ (regarded as a ‘social facilitator’) between members of a group to handle disputes and facilitate individual engagement with the tour (that is, to draw out those who appear alone, reluctant to participate or unhappy): high levels of social and interpersonal skills are essential for those who deliver tours.

All Tourist Guides must be a ‘people person’. They must be able to communicate with everyone and build a good relationship before, during, and after the tour. The role of tour guide as a communicator may involve:

  • Welcoming people to the tour – genuinely, warmly, personally and sincerely
  • Delivering a commentary to tour group members – to explain, inform, illustrate and interpret the tour and to promote cultural awareness
  • Responding to questions – asked by tour group members
  • Providing information – about tour sites, locations, destinations, surrounding areas, products and services, events and festivals, history and culture, business, and (generally speaking) anything to do with the local area/country.

Being a good communicator also requires interpretation of aspects of the tour (such as culture and customs, history, the environment, social factors, and the economy).

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Penny Irons

Subject Matter: Work as a tour guide

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