Review and Evaluate Services After Shift Ended

Review and Evaluate Services After Shift Ended

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Review and Evaluate Services After Shift Ended – Hello Ajarian! It is recommended that there is a debriefing session at the completion of every service session. Debriefing can be hold for 5 to 10 minutes by the management.

Prime concerns at this meeting should be:

  • Communication between food and beverage staff
  • Communication between food and kitchen staff
  • Cooperation between staff in all food and beverage areas
  • Integration of service between food and beverage staff

The supervisor leads the session. Where the food and beverage staff have separate supervisors, the two supervisors conduct the debriefing jointly and:

  • Congratulate staff on work that has been well done during service. This can be generic in nature or it may single out individual staff who performed really well
  • Highlight and lead discussion on problems and issues that arose with a view to determining what went wrong and how a similar event can be avoided in the future
  • Provide the staff with feedback from their perspective of how the session went. Provide feedback they have captured from others such as customers, management or other departments
  • Review the quality of service delivery provided with a view to identifying changes that could lead to possible improvements in service delivery
  • Encourage staff to identify issues of concern to them, including identification of problems they have found with equipment, suspicious persons, procedures that are not working effectively, lack of cooperation and others
  • Present issues and details of what can be expected in the next session such as prewarning staff about a function, a revised starting time for the next shift, expected customer numbers, proposed special events and others
  • Thank staff for their efforts and contribution.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Take Food Orders and Provide Table Service

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