How to Set Up Trays, Trolleys and Equipment for Room Service

How to Set Up Trays, Trolleys and Equipment for Room Service

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How to Set Up Trays, Trolleys and Equipment for Room Service – Hello Ajarian! Room Service staff will have some trays or trolleys set up with basic settings in preparation for service, just as a restaurant area will have places set up in preparation of guests and will change the setting to suit the guests order.

There are often drawings or photos of the various meal setups. The common meal setups are Breakfast, Main course and snack. Room service staff will customize the setup to match the order. Generally Room Service will duplicate the same crockery, cutlery, glassware and condiments as a restaurant setting, depending on the order. The set up may also include a vase or floral decoration and tray cards. Tray cards are used to give information to guests about pick up of dirty dishes and to promote events or specials.

How to set up trays, trolleys and equipment for a range of various meals?

The exact procedure to take when setting up trays can vary according to the type and extent of the order being prepared. Some equipment may be stored in suites or Butler's pantry for example toaster, crockery etc. these items can be collected separately by service staff.

The equipment found on individual trays should, of course, exactly match the needs of the particular order. If an order is delivered that is missing a certain item it is time consuming, embarrassing and inconvenient, as room service staff have some distance to travel to replace the missing item. Various pieces of equipment are used in the room service area and room service staff may be required to clean and prepare equipment for service this equipment may include.

  1. Trolleys and hot boxes, tray trolleys and refrigerated trolleys
  2. Food trays of different sizes and structure like trays with feet for breakfast use
  3. Tray covers – generally a linen cloth or paper cloth (non-slip type) table linen for trolleys, and serviettes
  4. Cutlery – entrée and main knives and forks, soup and dessert spoons, teaspoons specialist items such as steak knives or service tongs
  5. Crockery – various plates, bowls and jugs, cups and saucers
  6. Glassware – for juices, water, beer, wine and champagne
  7. Tea and coffee pots, hot water pots, coffee and tea making equipment
  8. Plate warmer/ cloches or plate covers
  9. Salt and pepper shakers
  10. Bud vases, toasters, bread baskets, ice buckets, newspaper holders
  11. Pen and order forms (always have two pens) also copies of menus and beverage listings and tray cards
  12. Other equipment including items of fixed equipment for example, wine coolers, espresso coffee machines, multi slice toasters, microwave ovens, hot water urns, ice machine, refrigerators and small portable equipment such as pizza ovens, coffee makers and toasters.

There are several different types of trolleys used. A tray trolley will generally have three levels and will be able to accommodate up to six trays. Multiple trolleys can carry up to 20 or 30 trays. Orders should be placed on the trolley so that the last one off is positioned on the lowest level. The orders to be first off should be placed on the top level.

Some hotel procedures say that the room service meals should be distributed from the highest floor down. This means that room 801’s order would be placed on the top level of the trolley, room 525’s order would be in the middle level, and room 302’s order would be placed on the lowest level. However, other hotel procedures say that the room service meals should be distributed from the lowest floor up.

Standard lay-up photos are often used in the back-of-house to ensure consistency in tray and trolley set up. Here is an example of continental breakfast tray:

Trays can be set up for 1 to 4 people, depending on the order type and the safety and balance of items. It is generally safe to stack two plates on top of each other, as the top of most plate warmers/covers have been designed for such purposes. However, it would be unwise to stack meals three high and overload the tray, and risk over-balancing the stack. In addition, this could pose a safety and health risk and should therefore be avoided simply for this reason.

When selecting the equipment for setting room service trays and trolleys always check the equipment is appropriate for the order, clean and not damaged. For example, do not use plates that are chipped, glasses with cracks, or items with loose handles etc.

Always check all items are clean and where needed polished. If items appear unclean they should be changed if the items are damaged they should be sent for repair or disposed of as unsafe.

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Written by: Alan Hickman and Evelyn Collins 

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