How to Serve Food?

How to Serve Food?

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How to Serve Food? – Hello Ajarian! The actual food and beverages that the guests consume is only part of the total dining experience. The service of those items is another vital part of the experience. It is often the service provided to guests that separates one venue from another and is the determining factor about whether or not those people will return and tell their friends about us.

When serving food and beverage, you must do it professionally. Serve the correct items to the correct diners, be polite, identify items as they are served, communicate and interact with guests, smile, answer any questions that are asked and check that the items presented are acceptable to the guests.

Always serve the meal from the guest’s right (the same side that beverages are served from) and announce the meal as it is being placed down. Consistency in service is important. Make sure the dish is placed down so the main item on the dish – the steak, the slices of meat, the piece of fish, the chicken breast – is closest to the guest (at the 4 o’clock – 8 o’clock position).

Where a steak is being served, the kitchen should have presented the steak on the plate with the fat toward the center of the plate, and not facing the guest so they have to cut through the fat to get to the meat.

It is professional to place the right meal down in front of the right person, without having to ask, “Who’s having the chicken?” The guest numbering system comes into play when identifying which meal is to be placed in front of a particular guest. It is usual practice to announce each guest to confirm that each diner is receiving what they ordered. For example, “The Grand T-Bone, rare with extra chips. Enjoy!”

Place the dishes on to the table in such as way that the noise made by contact with the table is minimized.

How to properly carry the plates?

One of the most important skills a waiter can master is the art of carrying plates. There are two methods to choose from and proficiency in using either method can only be gained in the same way as gaining competency in carrying a drinks tray – practice, practice, practice.

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Written by: Alan Hickman & Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Take food orders and provide table service

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