How to Request Clarification of Instructions or Requests

How to Request Clarification of Instructions or Requests

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How to Request Clarification of Instructions or Requests – Hello Ajarian! People often find it difficult to ask for repetition or clarification of a request. When English is not your native language, you may feel shy about your level of comprehension. Asking for clarification if you have misunderstood or could not hear all that was said, will limit mistakes made due to lack of understanding.

This article will assist you in politely and effectively asking for clarification of instructions or requests using modal verbs to request repetition or more information.

Asking for repetition

It is essential that you ask for repetition if you don’t understand instructions or requests. Failing to do so could result in poor work performance and unnecessary delays.

Here are some ways to ask a person to repeat themselves:

  • Can you repeat that, please?
  • Would you mind saying that again?
  • Sorry, I didn’t catch that.
  • Sorry, I missed that.
  • Can you go over that again, please?

Asking for clarification

You must also make sure you fully understand the instructions or requests that you hear. First, repeat the instructions/request back to the person. If you are still not completely sure what to do, ask for clarification.

Here are some ways to ask for clarification:

  • You would like me to …?
  • Can I make sure I...
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