How to Process Group Check-Outs

How to Process Group Check-Outs

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How to Process Group Check-Outs – Hello Ajarian! Group check-outs are potentially problematic for reception as it can mean loads of guests and all their luggage clogging up the front office area. For these reasons, most hotels plan the departure of groups and have special procedures that apply, in the same way that special procedures applied to their check-in.

High on the list of what to do is planning and coordination between staff. The primary idea is to handle the group as a group and not as, for example, a hundred or more individuals who are all checking out at the one time.

Here are the four steps to process group check-outs!

  1. Prepare and process the master account
    The Master Account (or Master Folio as it is also known) is a list of the group’s identical charges to be settled by the tour leader on check-out. Identical charges can include accommodation, breakfast and any other charges that were standard across the entire group as negotiated when the booking was taken. On the due departure date the cashier must obtain the signature of the tour leader after the master account has been finalized.

Most groups will have a direct billing arrangement established, and the property may have even required a large group booking to pre-pay (or at least forward a significant deposit to secure) their booking. In some cases the tour director will bring...

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