How to Distribute information on OSH to the Staff

How to Distribute information on OSH to the Staff

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How to Distribute information on OSH to the Staff – Hello Ajarian! It is important to deliver all the information regarding occupational safety and health to the workers. The employers take this responsibility in order to make the work area conform to the applicable safety legislation.

There are several ways to make sure your employees get informed on the issue, such as:

  1. Verbal Notification – verbal means spoken. The employer can directly tell their employees about the OSH regulations during their orientation or through a designated training;
  2. Written Material – it can work as supplementation along with the direct notification, such as SOP elaborating the ‘how to’ which also includes systematic work flow, job description, equipment to use during work, potential risks and the prevention procedures;
  3. Job Safety Analyses – an elaborated explanation on the potential risks caused by the job;
  4. Establishment policies relating to safety and the use of equipment, handling chemicals and hazardous materials. These policies should also extend to issues such as:
  • Workplace bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Mechanisms available in the workplace for notifying management of unsafe practices, unsafe equipment, accidents, near misses
  • The workplace structure in terms of OSH committees and groups as well as relevant other personnel...
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