How to Communicate Clearly your Name, Company, and Reason for Calling

How to Communicate Clearly your Name, Company, and Reason for Calling

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How to Communicate Clearly your Name, Company, and Reason for Calling – Hello Ajarian! When you place a call, it is important that you immediately identify yourself and the business you represent. You should then either request to speak to a particular person or explain the purpose of the call so you can be transferred to the appropriate department or person.

When the other party answers your call the first thing to do is clearly:

  • State your name
  • Identify the business you represent
  • Advise them of the reason for your call.

Remember communication is a two-way process and the person who receives your call can best help you only if you clearly let them know why you rang. For example, you may use an opening statement such as:

  1. “Good afternoon, it’s Gary Walsh here from Nursery Ridge Travel. Can I speak with someone who can help me with booking desert tours?”
  2. “Good morning, my name is Joe Smith from the reception desk at The Walsh on Lime. I’m phoning on behalf of one of our guests, Mr. Graham, who is on hold at the moment and wishes to speak to Emma Gregson about a booking he has with you.”
  3. “Hi, it’s Ryan here from Bob’s Bar and Grill. Can I speak to your accounts department please?”
  4. “Hello, my name is Linda from Catering and Cakes and I wanted to speak to someone about obtaining information on the products you supply to retail outlets. We’re thinking of changing suppliers and I wanted to get some quotes.”

As advised earlier, you should have a pen and paper ready to note down any names or numbers given to you by the other party.

For example, you may be advised in order to have your call properly dealt with you need to speak with Mary Popov but that she isn’t available at the moment.

The other party may not offer to take your details and get Mary to call you back, but may instead give you Mary’s direct number and tell you that she will be available after 5:00 PM if you want to phone back.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Communicate on the telephone

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