Dealing with Overseas Visitors (American)

Dealing with Overseas Visitors (American)

AJAR Hospitality

Dealing with Overseas Visitors (American) – Hello Ajarian! With the ever-increasing number of overseas travelers to Asia, it is important that we know a little about the people who are likely to be our customers. The following information illustrates the differences between cultures and nationalities.

Take note of these so that you might learn how to better serve your customers, to cater to their special needs and expectations, and to deliver the products, services, and information they want.


  • Initial contact via a firm handshake and direct eye contact is acceptable. Men usually wait for women to offer their hands rather than initiating the handshake.
  • Realize that when an American gives you a detailed food or drink order (even down to what sort of bread they want for their toast, and how they want it done), this is what they do at home. They aren’t trying to be difficult, obsessive or irritating.
  • Take some time to show an interest in the very fact that they are American and maintain eye contact during conversations.
  • They find silence in conversations uncomfortable.
  • Make an effort to explain things to Americans. By their nature, they are used to asking questions before making a buying decision and expect respectful, intelligent and helpful answers.
  • Americans at home are used to being supplied with a bottomless glass of iced water at the table....
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