3 Steps in Delivering Items to the Table

3 Steps in Delivering Items to the Table

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3 Steps in Delivering Items to the Table

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! When food and beverage items have been prepared they must be delivered to the customer. This section will focus on the steps associated with collecting and delivering items to the table, ensuring the customer is happy with the selection.

1. Loading a drinks tray

Regardless of whether you are left or right-handed, trays should be carried in the left hand, and the drinks served from it with the right hand. Some premises allow left-handed people to reverse this but many do not because when left-handed people pour a bottle using their left-hand, the left-hand will cover the label of the bottle.

Trays should not be held by their rim and they should not be held with two hands; your left hand should be held under the tray. When loading the tray, secure the tray on your left hand. Your hand should be flat and your fingers should be spread out with only the tips of your fingers raised to support the base of the tray.

Load the tray so that:

  • The tallest glasses are nearest to your body.
  • The heaviest glasses are in the center of the tray.
  • The smaller, lighter glasses are around the tray’s edge.
  • The placement of the drinks on the tray facilitates their service at the table. In practice, some of the above rules may not apply because it would make it too hard for you to take the drinks...
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