11 Reasons Why Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings Occur

11 Reasons Why Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings Occur

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11 Reasons Why Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings Occur

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! It is possible that the cause of differences and difficulties are due to traditional service problems such as poor service, slow service, low-quality products or unclean rooms. However, when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds it is also possible that cultural differences have caused the problems.

Misunderstandings in cross-cultural communication can occur as a result of the following cultural differences and needs:

  1. Language spoken
    It is possible that one party thought they used a word in an appropriate context, but it may have been misinterpreted. This lack of a comprehensive understanding of a language can lead to many of the problems encountered.

Customers and colleagues may also have a strict position on bad language that causes an issue. People from a different language speaking background can also be confused, embarrassed or offended by the use of local terms so this is best avoided.

  1. Forms of address
    Different cultures use different forms of address when greeting. One culture may not observe the same use of titles that we consider to be normal and polite. Our failure to use their system of address is not necessarily indicative of any lack of respect, or intention to cause offence but it can nonetheless create confusion, misunderstanding and be...
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